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Booking With Me: The Process from Start to Finish

When I was in school, I literally could not understand how to solve problems without understanding the whole process. My teachers would teach one little piece of the equation, then add on to it the next day and the next day until they had taught the whole process. None of it made any sense to me until the very last day when they explained the entire thing and showed us how it all worked together. My brain just couldn’t do it (don’t ask me why). But needless to say, I am most definitely one of those people who likes to know everything, all the details, the process, the sacrifices and benefits, before I can bring myself to make a decision.

So for those of you who are like me, and being prepared is your jam, you like to know everything you’re about to get yourself into; this one’s for you! I’m going to explain how the booking process with @hannahhartmannhair works, and I’ll add in a little behind-the-scenes just for fun.

First, I have ALL of my brides fill out an inquiry form on my website (congrats you made it here!). Unless, you are a bride who emailed me first and your date wasn’t available, I’m not going to make you waste your time. But if you contacted me first (without filling out a form), and your date is available, then wahoo, you get to go tell me all about yourself! These inquiry forms are my best friend because all the info that I could ever need/want is in one place and we don’t have to have a long, grueling email conversation stretched out over 2 weeks. But trust me, I really do use all that info! Plus, I love seeing all the cute, smiling faces that way we don’t feel like strangers. (Plus, Pro Secret: I have the hardest time remembering people’s information when I haven’t seen their face)

Once, my brides have filled out an inquiry, it gets sent to my assistant who creates a folder and keeps all of your information in one place. She’s the best, because organization isn’t my fav thing to do, but I know I need it big time in my life. She puts your profile photo and all your inspo photos in that folder. And then she creates a quote on this super, cute form I created. But seriously, I am so proud of it, because like organization, computers aren’t my strongest suit.

She will enter all of your info into a personalized quote sheet. It will have a breakdown of your cost, including travel, and then what your bridesmaids will be paying. She will then email it your way, at which point you can decide whether or not you would like to put a deposit down to save your date. This deposit can be sent via Venmo, Cash App, or a mailed check. Once I receive your deposit, I will text you and we can get an in-person consultation scheduled, usually at the nearest Starbucks or cute coffee shop. Or Teazers, because I just love me a good old fashioned Iced Monk’s Blend with blueberry. We will discuss everything you could ever imagine at this consultation from your dress, to your timeline, to how clean your hair should be on your wedding day. In fact, there is just too many great details to list here so I have created another post solely focused on what is discussed at my hair consultations.



At your consultation, we will schedule a bridal trial. Trials are held in my cute little studio salon in Fresno, Ca. You can click on the maps (here on my website) for the directions, if you want to get an idea of exactly how many minutes it will take you to get there :) Hopefully, you will have a pretty good idea of what you’re wanting when you come in for your trial and we will just have to personalize the style to you!

At the trial you will sign a bridal agreement and make your final payment that way you don’t have to worry about money on the busiest day of your life. On the bridal agreement, we’re setting all the final details in stone. It includes the times, location, and bridal party numbers for your wedding day. We will both sign the Bridal Agreement and then my assistant will scan it into your folder and email you a copy.

Then comes your BIG DAY. Yaaayyyyyyy!! I will get there a few minutes early (maybe with my assistant if you have a lot of girls) to set up and all your favorite people will be there getting ready with you with some fun music bumpin. Your makeup artist and I will do our very best to get everyone finished as close to your desired time as possible. I really do try to be prompt! Then you will get to walk down the aisle and marry the man of your dreams, feeling like your best you ;)

After your wedding, I will send you a receipt (that looks something like this) and hopefully get to enjoy all your absolutely stunning photos!

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