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Bridesmaid Hairstyles: What to Consider

Choosing a hairstyle for yourself is hard enough, but then trying to figure out how you want all your gorgeous girls to wear their hair is a whole other challenge. There are so many options, so here are some things to consider.

1. How are you going to wear your hair?

Do you want all your bridesmaids to have the same or similar style to what you are going to have? Some brides like it when everyone's hair (including theirs) is pretty much the same. And then some brides prefer if their bridesmaids' hairstyle is the opposite of theirs.

2. Do you want them to all wear the same hairstyle?

Whether you want it similar to your or not, would you prefer if they are all wearing their hair in the same style? I have seen different variations of this look and I think all are beautiful. Some brides want everyone's hair to be exactly the same, while other brides want everyone's hair back (or half up, or down, etc.) but with different variations. There are brides who don't care how everyone wears their hair, they just want them each to incorporate some sort of braid or hairpiece or flowers. Then there was me... I was super picky. I wanted everyone in my wedding to have a different hairstyle and I chose this based on what their hair looked like and where they would be standing. My hair was in a low side bun with a braid, so I wanted one person to have a big side braid, one to have a high updo, one bridesmaid to have half-up, one with a side pony type thing, and then one with hers in a low updo.

3. What is their hair type?

You can have all the hair dreams you want, but the sad reality it that some people's hair just doesn't do what you want it to do. Trust me, I know! My hair has a mid of its own. I always think it's fun to showcase the gorgeous hair so if someone has long, thick hair, consider something that someone with short hair couldn't do. Or if you have bridesmaids with thin hair that doesn't curl, something half-up generally won't look all too great for that long. If you want everyone to have the same thing, a low updo usually works well for anyone and everyone. It will hold the volume in place and the curls don't need to last. Although if it's super short there's only so much I can do ;)

If you you need more ideas on bridesmaid hairstyles, I would be happy to help you find things that are more specific to your bridal party and wedding. Or I can just pick hairstyles for you ;)

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