During your Consultation: All the Info that We are going to Discuss

As promised, here is all the information that I am going to bombard you with at our in-person consultation. So, I figured it would be pretty helpful to have it here that way you can go back a refresh your memory, cuz ain’t nobody got time to remember all that craziness.

But, have no fear, my lovely assistant is also going to send you a follow-up email after our consultation with all this info again because she’s the bomb and likes to be helpful ;)

Consultations with my brides are essential in assuring that your wedding day runs as smoothly and stress-free as possible. These are the things we are going to (/or already did) discuss


  • Hopefully you and your fiance have a fun little story that you can share with me

  • The vision and vibes of your dream wedding

  • Your dress, all the fun little details, and how your hair is going to compliment it

  • Your hair inspo. What you like and don’t like, and if that is going to work with your hair type

  • Are you going to need extensions

  • Do you want to wear a veil or hairpiece, or my personal favorite, flowers

  • What other fabulous vendors did you hire

  • I’m sure you have some other great things to share with me that I would LOVE to hear

Your Trial & Bridal Agreement

  • We will schedule your trial at the day of your consultation. Yay!!!

  • At your trial, if you like your hair, you will sign a bridal agreement

  • You bridal agreement will include all the logistical details of your wedding day

  • You will need to know what time you need to be ready when you come in for your trial. Your planner and photographer should be able to help you with this

  • The day of your trial, you will also need to know how many additional girls are going to want their hair done

  • Your final payment will need to be made at the trial that way you don’t have to worry about money on the busiest day of your life

Your Wedding Day

  • How your hair should be prepped for the big day: you and your bridesmaids should have fairly clean (no more than a day unwashed), DRY hair. Trust me, it will look much better, if it’s cleaner, although a little dirty usually hold a curl better

  • If any girls have curly hair, but don’t want to wear their natural curl, straighten it the night before

  • I can put clip-in extensions in for your bridesmaids, but there will be an additional charge

  • Hairpieces and flowers are gorgeous (I adore a good floral piece), but sometimes they decide to be your worst enemy on your wedding day. So do yourself a favor and make sure your florist puts your flowers on something that is easily attachable to your hair. Because as much as I wish it was true, I’m not a florist and have no idea how to do an arrangement on the back or your head. LOL!

  • It may sound tempting, but don’t cut your hair (or BANGS) before your wedding, and especially not after your trial.

  • Create some sort of order for hair and makeup for all your ladies and make sure they know when it’s their turn. When your big day comes, you will be so thankful you did! It is usually helpful if the bride goes second to last, instead of last, that way if something happens, you aren’t late

  • PLEASE be on time. If you and/or your bridal party doesn’t get there on time, and we start late, there is a good chance that we are going to end late and then you’ll have to pull a Queen Clarisse (Princess Diaries) and just know the bride is never late, everyone else is simply early

Wow! That was a lot of information!!!! I hope you were able to hang in there, you’ll be glad you did. I can’t wait to see you at our consultation, and if this is all just refresher info, I hope I covered what you were looking for. If not, feel free to contact me. If you are already one of my brides, texting is best :)

p.s. If for some reason, we can’t get our schedules to line up, and in-person isn’t going to work we can always do a phone consultations. But I will tell you now, I think a coffee date is way more fun than sitting at my desk in my pajamas.

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