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Extensions??? Should I consider them?

Yes!!! The answer is you should FOR SURE consider extensions! Not everyone needs or could benefit from extensions, but it is an important thing to think about when choosing a hairstyle.

A good majority of the styles that are all over pinterest have extensions, and if you (like me) follow @hairbychrissy and @habitsalon (some of my favorite hair inspo) those girls have a whole head of extensions!

Who Needs Extensions?

I almost always recommend extensions when it comes to any half-up style. They add so much fullness, because if you're like me, you pull your hair half back and literally have two little pieces or hair left down. They are also great for those girls whose hair doesn't hold a curl very well. They add texture and help give a more carefree, boho look. Extensions obviously can add length too, so if your hair is short and you want some sort of updo, they are super helpful in giving a fuller bun look. However, if you are wanting extensions for length, and want your hair down, it's important not to get ones that are too much longer than your own length because they won't blend super well (especially if you don't have any layers).

What Kind Should I Look For?

Clip-ins are a great option when it comes to your wedding hairstyle. They are much more affordable and low-maintenance than tap- ins, beaded, etc. They are super easy to put in and take out, but if you are wanting something more permanent, clip-ins are not for you.

Where Should I Purchase Extensions?

First, I have to say, DO NOT purchase them from Amazon! It's going to be super tempting because they are significantly much cheaper, but trust me, you WILL regret it. They never hold a curl, so I guess if you want your hair straight, Amazon might work for you.

Now that I got that out of the way, haha...

If you want high quality, natural looking extensions:

-Bombshell Extensions

-Bellami Hair

-Barefoot Blonde Hair (not just for blondes)

If you want something cheaper and not online:


-local wig shop

Extensions are a great option for so many people to help them better achieve the desired style. They add length, fullness, and texture, but consult your wedding stylist on whether or not extensions would be a good option for you because they aren't for everyone :)

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