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Iceland: The Highlight Reel (pt 2)

Picking up on Day 3 of 4 1/2 days. After a very full day yesterday, not having a ton of sleep the past couple days due to that horrible band and a 7 hour time difference, we decided to try and keep this day a little more relaxing and less jam packed.

Day 3:

The Blue Lagoon!!!! Ahhhh! Remember how I was talking about those hot springs? Well, the Blue Lagoon is so nice and toasty, and it filters itself. How crazy is that??! It is full of minerals and so good for your skin. You can even see along the edges of the water where it has turned the rocks white.

Fun Fact: My hair was so nasty from the past couple days (and my hair gets greasy fast) and I was planning on washing it after the lagoon. I never put my head under the water and when I got out, my hair was clean. Like clean, CLEAN! All the minerals in the water and steam had dried it out.

So, to answer your question, no, I did not wash my hair the whole time I was in Iceland hahaha. The Lagoon is such an eerie experience because it's so steamy/cloudy you can't really see around you. There are lots of other people in the lagoon with you, but you can't really see them, and whenever people walk around, they do it so slowly. It looks like you're in another world.

After the lagoon, we had more time to spend in the town and we went for some yummy coffee. The coffee shop continued with the trend, it was the cutest. They had games, and we played the only one we could actually translate.

We walked around shops quite a bit and quickly learned that we can't afford anything except for food in Iceland. Everything there is crazy expensive. For example, I bought a beanie as my little souvenir from the trip. It was the cheapest one we could find. Guess how much it was... 40 bucks!!! Most of them were $70-$95! However, we did learn that minimum wage in Iceland is 22 Krona per hour, which is $20/hr. If we were making that, we may have been able to afford the $65 Ohio Sate thrift store sweatshirt. Like what?!

Dinner was yummy fish at, again, a trendy little fish shop with spectacular food presentation. Iceland is an island, obviously, so fish is a must while you're there since they are surrounded by water.

Day 4:

Another road trip day, and our last day there. Boo!!! We stayed in Reykjavik the whole time, which is the capital of Iceland. It is pretty central to everything on the west coast, so both road trip days weren't a farther drive than 3 hours. The first day on the road we went east and this time we headed south down to Vik and the Black Sand Beaches, making a few stops along the way.

Our first stop was Seljalandsfoss, and after we stopped at Skogafoss. It was so fun driving down the highway and getting to see waterfalls from the road.

We decided hanging out at the bottom of the first waterfall was sufficient since getting wet at the beginning of the day didn't sound too appealing. But I definitely had a love-hate relationship with the climbing experience at the second waterfall. It's one of those things where you're really glad you did it, but the process wasn't very fun. And in the end, it actually just looked prettier from the bottom. So, still not sure how I felt about it.

We got back on the road and headed to Vik and the Black Sand Beach with a couple detours, but finally found what we were looking for.

Vik is the one of biggest towns to visit on the south part of the island and it is a very popular touristy area, so when I heard how many people live there, I was shocked! There are 200 people that live in Vik. 200!!!!!!! Once we found that out, we looked up the population of Iceland. There are only 337,780 people living in Iceland! Woah. Just in Fresno, there are 522,053. We also learned that there are many locals who leave and go to other European countries during the winter, so there are even less. Can you believe that?!!

Anyways, getting back from my tangent, we got to see the little town, and walk out to the ocean. The black sand is such a pretty color and it's so soft! And then look at those amazing cliffs out there behind us. They look tiny in the picture, but can't you just imagine the vikings sailing through there?? If that doesn't make Toothless feel like he's coming home to Hiccup, I don't know what would.

Also, I have to let you guys know, I had a pretty thick layer of black sand in my hair for a few days after this. Like you could SEE it (since my hair is blonde). I'm not sure I would recommend doing what I did.

*edit: not even kidding, I am currently finishing up this post, and just scratched the back of my head and found a few more grains of sand!!!

The last stop on our was home was this glacier. If you didn't know, because I didn't, glaciers don't do much. Like at all. They just look like dirty ice. But it was pretty amazing that we were at the ocean and then 30 minutes later we were at the snow. The other fun part about that evening was it was starting to get cold and the sun was setting so nobody else was out there, just us. We felt like the locals going out on our secret hike lol.

We finished driving home that night and learned that the sun takes like 3 hours to set in September, which means it must be really slow in July.

The next morning we went to breakfast in town which was the perfect way to end our trip!

I am currently a pro at driving stick and wishing winter woul come faster! I miss those cold, windy, overcast days. But honestly, the only reason I want winter to come faster, is so that I can wear my $40 beanie.

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