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My Wedding & How it was a Pivotal Point in my Business

First off, wedding planning is hard!

Trying to find all your vendors is a struggle, especially when you do it all yourself (without a planner) and are the first of your friends to get married. So the last time anyone in your world has really planned a wedding, was your mom 20 years ago. I was in for a hot mess. You get it.

Social media was not nearly as helpful as it is now so I had no idea where to start when it came to finding a hairstylist (or any vendor for that matter). So, I just went off of recommendations and people I knew. If you read my last post about how I got started, I mentioned that I never advertised for wedding hair because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. Well, that all changed when I went in for my trial. I brought a few pictures (like all brides do) and had the expectation that my professional hairstylist friend, who was good at hair, could replicate the pictures I showed her. I for sure thought she could make that fun braid happen, because I definitely could, and she was a better hairstylist than me so obviously it would be a piece of cake for her.

No, during my trial she had no idea how to achieve what I was asking for. I tried to explain it as she went, but she just got more confused. Right after my trial, I went dress shopping with my flower girl and my mom. While we were sitting in the dressing room in from of the mirror, it took me about 3 minutes to do a quick braid and updo that looked similar to what I was wanting. I told my mom, “see, this was all I was wanting.” to which, she responded, “why don’t you just do it yourself?!”

It was at that moment, I realized how much I actually knew how to do, which resulted in a burst of confidence and an excitement about my job that gave me a huge desire to learn! So, maybe people see things in you that you never thought existed. Or they see potential and significance, where you just see something ordinary.



p.s. If you need some good tips and tricks when it comes to finding vendors for your wedding, I got some!! lmk

Also, here are some photos from my big day in case you ever wondered what it all was like :)

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